The Future Of Swat Teams

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Are robots and technology the future of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical)? With movies like Robocop and The Terminator, some may question whether or not we could save lives by creating machines to do the dangerous jobs found in law enforcement, specifically in SWAT teams. John Pilmer recently wrote a book called ‘Green Spin,’ where he discusses the tactics and decisions that law enforcement officers when faced with the challenge of a hostage situation. Such situations, where men or women … Continue reading “The Future Of Swat Teams”

Free Electricity From Magnets? Welcome To The Future!

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In the last century or two, however, civilization has become dependent on limited fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas to generate electricity. As these resources slowly run out (in turn driving up the price), humanity once again is turning back to natural energies for cheap or free power. This time, however, our technology is more advanced, and we can turn natural energy into cheap or free electricity. We are also able to tap, for the first time, … Continue reading “Free Electricity From Magnets? Welcome To The Future!”

Company Without A Website, Is A Company Without Future

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Businesses today are very different from business of yesteryears. Today it is not sufficient for a business to have a physical presence only. A web presence is essential for any business to attract a bigger customer base and for generating more revenues. E-Commerce has become the buzzword of the day and corporates are moving with lighting speed to make their web presence felt. An end to end E-Commerce site can help in executing a business cycle much faster making it … Continue reading “Company Without A Website, Is A Company Without Future”